Games and Resources

Students can earn up to 10 bonus points on one test or quiz per nine weeks by completing the following games. Students earn 2 points for each game they complete, with a maximum of 10 points per nine weeks. For credit, students must email a screen shot of the game’s final confirmation screen to Mr. Sanford. For directions on how to take a screen shot follow this link. 


Comma Chameleon: Feed the chameleon by using the correct punctuation.

Save the Comma

Going to work With Commas: You’re the new boss in the office, put the commas in the right place.

Comma Confusion: Beat the aliens by punctuating correctly.

Other Games

SOL Review Battleship: Review the SOL and answer questions correctly to sink your opponents battleship.

Typing Test

Free Rice Grammar Game

SOL Test Prep Games

It’s Greek to Me

Word Frog: Antonyms, homonyms and synonyms.

Context Clues Game

Panda Mayhem: Parts of Speech

The Adjective Detective