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After the Quiz 9/29/15

Here’s what you need to do after today’s vocab quiz.

  1. Go to this site and complete today’s vocab. Then go to and find related words. Remember, don’t use the example words on the vocab sheet.
  2. Using a blank sheet of paper, begin writing this week’s vocab sentences.
  3. Finish any other work you need to turn in including The Outisders scavenger hunt or the “Become an Expert” presentation for 4th period.

Assignments for March 4 and Possible Snow Days

3rd, 5th, and 6th Periods

Follow the instructions below.

  1. Vocab quiz. Log into Schoolnet and take this week’s vocab quiz using the code provided on the board.
  2. Read this article about dinosaurs.
  3. When you finish reading take the interactive quiz found here about the article. After you finish raise your hand and I will check it.
  4. Read this play about Robin Hood and do this activity  to learn about inferences. Finish this assignment by Monday and receive five bonus points on two quizzes.
  5. Begin working on your packet.  Due Monday.
  6. After you finish, you can play any of the games on my Games Page.

4th Period

  1. Take your quiz on Schoolnet
  2. After you finish the quiz go to Google Classroom and do  assignment called “Book Thief Part 2 Essay.” Write a well crafted three paragraph essay with a thesis statement, hook, and all other relevant parts. The assignment is due at the end of class. Pick one of the following prompts:
    • Do you think Liesel deserved to be punished for taking money to mail letters to her mother? Was Rosa justified in meting out such a harsh punishment?
    • In what ways might Hans Hubermann have been considered a hero and not a coward as he had been accused by his son?
    • Do you think there was some way that Hans could have made peace with his son? Why didn’t he?
  3. After you finish the quiz and essay feel free to play any of the games on my Games Page.
  4. If you have time or if it snows: Read this play about Robin Hood and do this activity (you’ll need to print it out) to review inferences. Return this completed sheet to me after the snow days to receive 5 bonus points on the two last quizzes.

Setting up Google Classroom

  1. Using this link, go to the tab that says “Google” and log into your school issued g-mail account. The username should be the same as your computer login – the graduation year, first three letters of your first name, and your last name. Your password should be the same as well – your lunch number twice. Make sure when you type in your username, you have “” at the end.
  2. Once you have logged on correctly, click this link to Google Classroom. Click “I am a Student”.
  3. You will need to follow the instructions and join my class with your class period’s special code:  3rd period (uzfi6f), 4th period (mzffl8), 5th period (bia9osw), 6th period (ifxh2u4).
  4. when you have joined the correct class, you should see an assignment that says “Learning Style Survey”. Click it and follow the directions. Once you have completed it, submit the form and you may log off the computer.