Computer Lab 2/11

Here are your assignments for today.

3, 5, 6th Periods

  1. Log into SchoolNet and take your quiz using the code on the board.
  2. Using your new vocab, find two related words for each root. Include the part of speech (10 points) and the definition (10 points).
  3. Write a good sentence (7-10 words and containing one context clue) for each word you look up.
  4. Load your essay onto Google Classroom under the assignment called “Essay Rough Draft” and begin revising your work. From now on work on your essay through Google Classroom.


  1. Log into SchoolNet and take your quiz using the code on the board.
  2. Using your new vocab sheet match the word with the definition and part of speech.
  3. Go to Google Classroom and follow the instructions for the assignment called “Vocab Sentences.”
  4. In Google Classroom begin writing your “Be the Change” essay.

2/6 Advanced

Select one of the four discussion questions from the Book Thief Study Guide. You will then open a GoogleDoc to share with me. In that GoogleDoc, you will need to type the question that you chose and respond to that question using specific details from the text, including page numbers that support your assertions. (Remember to add the heading of your name, my name, Advanced English 8, and today’s date at the top of your response).
When you are finished, go to Google Classroom and do the assignment called “Sports in School.” This is due by the start of class tomorrow.

Discussion Questions (also in your packet):
1. Why do you suppose that Death saw life in terms of color and referred to color in terms of taste? What tastes would you assign to colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, and purple?
2. Why do you think the Hubermanns insisted that Liesel call them “Mama” and “Papa”? Make sure to give evidence from the text and from your own knowledge.
3. Do you think German citizens, such as Alex Steiner or Hans Hubermann, were justified in showing passive acceptance to the Nazi regime? What else might they have done instead?
4. Do you think Liesel’s hostility toward Ludwig Schmeikl was justified? In your opinion, what was the primary cause of her attack?

2/6 Computer Lab Assignment

By the end of today you must have the following items completed:

  1. All persuasive essay prewriting, including T chart and prewriting graphic organizer.
  2. A rough draft that includes  . . .
    1. Intro Paragraph: Roughed out with strong thesis and a summary of main ideas
    2. 3 Body Paragraphs with 1 Main Idea/Reason, 3-4 Supporting Details/Evidence Sentences and one transition sentence.

If you finish your rough draft before the end of the period go Google Classroom and do the assignment called “Sports Debate.”

2/4/15 Assignments

  1. Go to Student Portal in PowerSchool and login to Schoolnet using the code I’ve provided to take the weekly root quiz. You may submit after reviewing your answers.
  2. Copy English8Roots10 into your notebook.
  3. Related Words (Do this on a separate sheet of paper) Using the root words above and the definitions that we determined as a class, find two related words. Write the word’s definition and part of speech. These are due by the end of the period Wednesday. (20 points)
  4. Sentences (Do this on a separate sheet of paper) Using the words you found in Part 2, write a sentence that correctly uses each words. When you complete the activity you should have 10 sentences. Sentences are due Friday. (20 points)