Setting up Google Classroom

  1. Using this link, go to the tab that says “Google” and log into your school issued g-mail account. The username should be the same as your computer login – the graduation year, first three letters of your first name, and your last name. Your password should be the same as well – your lunch number twice. Make sure when you type in your username, you have “” at the end.
  2. Once you have logged on correctly, click this link to Google Classroom. Click “I am a Student”.
  3. You will need to follow the instructions and join my class with your class period’s special code:  3rd period (uzfi6f), 4th period (mzffl8), 5th period (bia9osw), 6th period (ifxh2u4).
  4. when you have joined the correct class, you should see an assignment that says “Learning Style Survey”. Click it and follow the directions. Once you have completed it, submit the form and you may log off the computer.